Jaz Hurford


we sit and argue
over the picayune
ration of coruscate
and colour
you have for us,
and i can't tell
what you're after
even in the cashmere
feathers of down
time; the heat
in between.

we watch black
and white cinema on tv
and even in the
absence of appellation
i wail for with
burnt tongue
i tell you

yes, our lives are taijitu,
yes, i need your
carapace over mine
it fits utterly and in

our united blood hoary
pictures are crests
of our touch

in a static slip
of fate tacky
fingerprints graze
buttons arousing the
room with conversation
when we have none;

indeed, you are flat
and grey like
the channel with
our favourite old
movies on or
the breath between
england and france

but i love the
way you
turn us on.


Jaz Hurford (she/her) is a lowly twenty-something flitting between jobs and writing in the small spaces. She is currently living her best life as a content writer for BestGayLife. You'll find her behind the scenes of @BanditFiction on twitter or on her personal account @misshurf. Her most recent words can be found online in perhappened, The Daily Drunk, and Lucky Pierre Zine.