Ragini Gupta

last meal

trigger warning: mention of suicide

unlit porch steps
deep breath
reluctant, foggy air
saliva gin hungry lips
tobacco smoke tastebuds
wrinkled lungs deep breath
heavy, smoggy air

bathroom mirror
tearless bloodshot eyes
tight chest barren brain
deep, determined breath

wet comforter
blood thinner
gin half-liter
human meat
ninety pounds

wood wick candle flame, bedside table
scheduled emails, landlord's check,
handwritten letters,
obsidian knife.



trigger warning: mention of suicide


twigsnap truck rumble
overcast chill
wiremesh wind rustle
skinworn body
grudgingly awakens


dustfuzz settled windowpane
portions being
into a new phase
of preparing again
to leave less trace


can lungs crumble
from fractured gasps
marking each trip
over oneself
into another day


shreds of shredded wheat
too dehydrated to unthirst
by foam drops of almond milk
cheese-slice torn, heap of bits
on mostly crusted bread, softened
by steamed miniscrap broccoli heads


between the crackles
of weak internet connection
a weary breath weighs the worth
of groceries a commitment to
seven more days fills the gaps
a mother's muted concern


another monthly supply of oatmeal unboxed,
fresh loaf of sliced bread in the fridge,
13 servings shredded wheat
damp paper towel wipes dust off the windowpane


Ragini Gupta is a poet and journalist in the process of weaving themself into being. Their work explores mental health and gender and has appeared or is forthcoming in Stone of Madness Press, Bricolage and The Remnant Archive. They're working at Pixstory, a social media platform committed to the truth. Connect with them: @RaginiGupta__.