Kevin McGowan


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Step right up to our oh-so-wondrous bazaar:

a ralph lauren sweater
red worn twice at most

here, the star item, this
limited edition unopened
gaming console of yore

CD job lot, a few cracked
spines, but classic tunes
all for the cost of peanuts

Bargain, isn't it?

costs only


get it now



come on

coffee and cake
with an old friend

or book a flight
and tread the sand
of a forgotten beach

alternatively catch
a bus with your dog
take him somewhere new


Kevin McGowan is a writer based in Stirling, Scotland. He has been published via numerous outlets, including Dreich, Bandit Fiction, and Poetry Lab Shanghai. His short story, 'God's Shoulder', was awarded Stirling University's 2017 Research-Based Learning Prize, while his poetry collection, 'Eastern Thistles', won 1st place in Dreich's 2020 chapbook competition and became his first published print chapbook. Kevin also holds an MLitt in Creative Writing and volunteers as Submissions Manager for Ringwood Publishing.