Aditi Bhattacharjee

High Hopes

Yesterday I went to the garage sale
just across the street
a few kids were goofing around with a Kodak camera,
holding out polaroids as if they were a prize
earned for liking something pre-historic.

High-waist jeans are also back in fashion.
So are polka dots, flared pants and winged eyelids.
Pink Floyd too (well they never really went out in the first place)
Tickets for a drive-in theatre were going at thousand bucks a-seat
for a "vintage" experience and on the way back from watching
Mary and Max on the big screen, my friends wondered
why no one wrote letters anymore.

"Because the postal system died when no one was looking"
I wanted to say,
"emails and whatsapp killed it in cold blood"
But I was too busy thinking about the
love note you put in my history book,
back in school and the mixed tape you made,
for my 15th birthday of my "secret" favorite songs.

Now that history is making a comeback,
I have been nurturing high hopes.
Maybe you and I -
We stand a chance.


After all life,
it runs in circles.


Aditi Bhattacharjee is a sales specialist by profession and a poet by passion. When not in her day job, she is found cooking love poems in her head, most of them happen in Bombay, where she lives with her partner, cat and a second-hand book family. She is always wondering about things that no one finds worth wondering about like who invented the pillow and why even? or how much time is enough time? Did the ventilator come first or the window? Her work has appeared in the September 2020 Issue of Ayaskala Magazine and the Fall 2020 Issue of The Remington Review and is upcoming in The Banyan Review, The Alipore Post & elsewhere. Say hi @beingadtastic on Instagram.