Vamika Sinha

girl next door

i am in the other
room, the language
i am still breaking
into like my first
pair of heels, bouncing
on the floorboards, dancing
through throbs of laughter &
feet, coming to rest
for a breath — just enough
i can understand
even the feeling swimming like tongue
underneath the roof
of the words — they are happy
tossing them in
between their mouths
like spoonfuls of supper or
kisses; it's a party
i am not part of
but the music filters in, &
my head tilts, nods
like dewdrops off tin.


Vamika Sinha is a writer, poet, and photographer from India and Botswana, currently based in the UAE. She is the co-founder and editor-in-chief of Postscript Magazine. Vamika holds a B.A in Literature and Creative Writing from New York University Abu Dhabi, and her writing and art can be found in The Independent, KGB Bar Literary Journal, The Bangalore Review, and AAWW's Open City, among others. Visit her website at: