Megan Cannella

The Lunch After Your Funeral

content warning: death, drug use

After we said
goodbye to you,
we sat
at a brunch
that turned into lunch
that turned into dinner.

We picked at cold fries
and wouldn't let
the server
clear them away.
We couldn't have
blamed them
for being annoyed
with us. Our table
was cluttered
with half-empty
drinks. Coffee,
watered down
Diet Pepsi, spicy
bloody mary
with extra olives,
mimosa no orange juice.

We did careless
bumps in the bathroom
off of whatever
tattered old used book
I had been carrying
around in the suitcase
I call a purse
so that we could
keep day drinking
and grieving
and laughing
so hard that we
couldn't breathe either.


Megan Cannella (@megancannella) is a Midwestern transplant currently living in Nevada. For over a decade, Megan has bounced between working at a call center, grad school, and teaching. She has work in or forthcoming from Versification, The Daily Drunk, (mac)ro(mic), Taco Bell Quarterly, and Perhappened.