Gurleen Kaur


I've often considered
myself weird for
not liking chocolate cake-
there's something about the
richness that bites me
like how roaming in the night
sounds alluring until
my senses snap.
Maybe because the night is dark
or maybe the persons around me are-
but I'm scared to point it out
for not all persons are bad
yet I'll be blamed for trusting them
if they find my clothes torn someday.

I don't talk about how
every morning I depend on
stories of hope and a million giggles
to get me out of bed,
how I still regret
some decisions, of how
frustrated I get if I can't
find the second sock.
I decide to stay shut because
somewhere someone can't find their will
to live and I'm scared of disrespecting that.

Every Thursday I sit on
that same rusted bench in the park
gathering that one ounce of
bravery to call my friend
and vent, scream and cry
as freely as I do in the shower
or on the torn diary pages
but code blue- my brain strikes
and only gossip leaves the place.

There's a story of dreams,
ambitions, a solo Turkey trip
made by a na´ve 7 yrs. old
circling inside each day
dodging all delete attempts
for it seems now,
someone else crafted it
somebody who could dream,
and it's not me anymore.
It was third period in school
when I thought how it would
feel to kiss someone.
As society screams immoral at me,
the first drunk kiss comes to my mind,
and how I would now like to kiss a girl
under the clouds
hoping they'd not tell my parents.

As I sift through my 9 th cup
of coffee a stranger (read -a fellow Potter head)
on the bus taught me how to perfect
my heartbeat dwindles,
to the realisation of how the only
regret I'll carry is to
not make my story known,
to remain concealed forever
under the myriad of world.
Yet when it's 11:11
my only wish is to be lost forever.


Gurleen is a medical student wishing to become a part -time poet. She stays in bed all day, munching everything spicy, banging her head once in a while to try to write. You can talk to her about any show for she's a serious binge watcher. If you're a fan of Agatha Christie and Potter fandom, she's your person.
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