Miriam Navarro Prieto

Teenage Useless Pains

The first time I shaved
my legs, thirteen, awkward
as hell, my mom said
my hairs weren't
that dark at all, chill,
relax. But I could see
each of them stabbing
the faces of the boys
I wanted to impress,
I could feel my clothes
getting ripped in thousands
of tiny stupid threads.

Then my armpits joined
the party and I couldn't
wait to leave at ten sharp,
arms always down, head bent,
don't look at the eyes
searching for minuscule
uncut follicles.

And finally down, lower
than I'd ever tell my friends
I roamed to when I had
the house for myself,
then the hate lovers gave,
wrinkled noses never
going down enough. And the ache
that day I decided to chop
the forest back to baby-state,
but still unloved by men.

No more
love for the blade,
grudge for the rash,
never again the salt
of the sea in my freshly
poured blood, no more
sting after peeling
layer after layer
of myself behind
doors of shame.

My body won't accept
any more useless pain.


Miriam Navarro Prieto (she/her), Spanish artist who drifted from visual to performance art, now mostly focused on writing poetry and short stories on autobiography, ecology, queerness. Her first self-published poetry chapbook is called 'Todo est´┐Ż vivo' ('Everything is Alive'). You can find her here: instagram.com/miriam.writes.performs.quotes, cargocollective.com/MiriamNavarroPrieto