It's the night before my birthday, and I'm feeling nostalgic

I got to talk to my friends today and get an Arizona and a lollipop.

Blake's been trying to sext Connor. If she cooperates, it won't end well (proves

that guys only want one thing).

But then, Jonah came on the subway with us because he was going to meet Chloe F., who he's
been Facebooking for a while.

The truth is, I'm confused as to whether or not I like him.

I still can't find my iPod!

I just realized this has a key.

Rachelle doesn't watch Buffy so going to Comic Con with her wouldn't be logical.

It's perfectly normal for me to not like it when Mom talks shit about me, makes
fun of me, laughs at me, etc.

Last night I had a dream that Dean from Gilmore Girls (♥) was my boyfriend. I was sick and
was vomiting a soup-like substance (ew), so I went to the hospital and they said I had a mental
disorder (who vomits because of a mental disorder?). Then Dean and I hugged, and

it all became all too real in that moment. Realization came over me, life was
amazing. I didn't need Jonah, I had better, I had somebody to love me.

I wrote a deep parody of Lady Gaga's new song "Hair" today.

I kind of like Kenny now. More than a bit. But he's the most popular guy in


(lol I almost wrote just then that he was the most popular on goSupermodel...!)

Friday by Rebecca Black? Worse than I thought it would be.

Today it has been 40 days since I've been on YouTube, btw, because I gave it up for lent.

I woke up Saturday very calm and serene

because I was very comfortable and I had a nice dream about exploring a sunny day, being in a
hotel, and then being Jackson from Hannah Montana (I know right?)

I haven't really written about it, but this year has had me really thinking I might

need to see a psychologist.

I got 79 likes on my witty comment under Jessie J's video!!!

Mom and I had a huge fight tonight (she called me a bitch)

It's going to be my first birthday at school since Grade 4.

I'm not evil.


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