Shufei Ewe

Google, How Many Times I Can Google Poetry Prompts?

i mean, seriously — in the 3.5 seconds spent scouring the nearest search engine keywords, i've already killed off seven more ideas. six pages of irrelevant results later i gulp up a glimmer of courage — startle my keyboard into a sputtering start. good idea // bad idea // this sounds great // this goes to the gutter. i stutter to string some rhythmic run-on lines that risk the horrors of docx formatting, levering the 'lilt' in alliteration. i assertively slash lines, i append slash lines, my start-stop pace races my backspace bouts. i stash the rest for another aggravating attempt at a piece which i prophesize to be marginally better than this piss-poor effort. i will applaud the day i finally pour conscious streams into a single coherent stanza, scraping the asinine excess off. right now, i'll read it, weep and close tab.


Shufei Ewe is a copywriter by day, insomniac by night, and overthinker all times in between. Her work has either been published or is forthcoming in The Adriatic Mag, Capsule Stories, HAD, Yes Poetry, The Bitchin' Kitsch, Versification and more. You can usually spot her in small, secret hideouts across the internet, or find her at @ewe_too on Twitter instead.