S. Parker

"I've decided"

to write

be.a.u.ti.ful poetry -
it w/ill be
raw and real -
we.ather reality,
or re:c.i.pro.cat[er]ed...

someday [after hesitation]
[ceases] my words
melt man's he/art
and I'll im.part hope
for a future
for even ex.change

held with/in
a.wait.ing re:cept.ion(s)
of varying scope
of varying degrees
of relation.ships

take off
crash down
burn fuel
stall engine
rise again
on eagle's wings
flying as phoenix

I am woo-man removing outer garb


A doc.u.ment.ED life

in.form(s) much
brings outside
audience in

An image
allows me to imagine
without you seeing reality
I enter us into

A mirage
A mirror
this social media
as I put myself out there
air, waves
hoping not to be ground
or set aflame

Knowing if you pick up
thorns may pierce my flesh
this rose blooms before you
but remains wrapped in vines
awaiting true love's kiss
awaiting words sharp enough
to cut chord to fantasy

I'm engaging reality
with shows
with screens
without any sheen
brows knitted
hands knotted
I owe no explanation
but offer shared experience

within toppled towers
ripples of matrix systems
link us by algorithms
we liken to stormy seas

your eyes hold harbor


s.parker breaks down words to build up meaning and understanding. You can find her @isparkit spinning phrases and associations.