Maria S. Picone


Content Warning: cutting, mental health, chronic illness, oblique mention of pet sickness.

amethyst rocks my inflamed
oscillating migraine
stress-torn world-worn
shoulders suffusing
hope into my water glass
stirred into complete dissolution by
this scientific procedure to reduce
inflammation developed in Korea
as I am
only a type of quartz not
100% genuine Korean amethyst
bought to pursue an impossible dream
the sickly girl, her dying cat
intending to heal
here we nap a sapling kitten
and I-my thoughts drift
in my lower body
heat spreads like
sunshine spilling from within
this amethyst veil of dreams


Maria S. Picone (she/her/hers) writes, paints, and teaches from her home in South Carolina. Her writing has been published in Kissing Dynamite, Ligeia, and Q/A Poetry, among others. A Korean adoptee, Maria often explores themes of identity, exile, and social issues facing Asian Americans. She received an MFA in fiction from Goddard College and holds degrees in philosophy and political science. You can find more on her website,, or Twitter @mspicone.