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November Issue

deadline: 16 November 2020, 11:59 PM IST

THEME: "Sobremesa (n.)"

Borrowed from Spanish, the beautiful meaning of which lies just one Google search away.

Poetry under 500 words (per piece) upto 3 poems per monthly submission cycle
Prose under 1000 words (per piece) upto 1 prose per monthly submission cycle
Creative Non-Fiction under 1000 words (per piece) upto 1 CNF piece per monthly submission cycle
Fiction under 1000 words (per piece) upto 1 fiction piece per monthly submission cycle
Letter under 1000 words (per piece) upto 1 letter per monthly submission cycle

Click here to submit.

We are not accepting submissions via e-mail anymore. Any submission received through e-mail will be automatically discarded.


We do not accept submissions that are unkind, harsh, homophobic, condescending, sexist, racist, religiously driven, dismissing in nature, etc. We do not promote plagiarism. If the piece is a response/continuation of an existing work, please make it crystal clear while submitting.

We do not accept previously published work.

We ask for first world publication rights, archival rights and the right to display the work as a whole, or pieces thereof, for the duration of the magazine/blog. All rights revert back to the author or artist after publication. Please credit Ayaskala as original publisher in case of future re-publishing or re-prints.

By submitting you give us permission to use your piece(s) in print version, digital version, and/or offline spaces.

Simultaneous submissions are acceptable. Please let us know as soon as your piece is accepted elsewhere.

We may remove work at any point, for any reason, with a day's notice which may or may not disclose the reason thereof. (psst... don't worry we're nice people and we know you've read the guidelines properly.)

You will receive a response within 1 week, after submissions close. If delayed, please nudge us by sending an enquiry via e-mail.